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Chemfil is a leader in Wholesale Jan-San Manufacturing for Distribution, Contract Manufacturing (Toll Mfg.), Packaging Services (CoPack), and Canadian Logistics (warehousing, pick and pack, and order fulfillment). We manufacture and package products for Fortune 500 companies; products that you use every day.

Contact Andrew Conway , 416-990-2446 for all your contract manufacturing, packaging or Canadian logistics needs.


If you are a Jan-San Distributor looking for a complete package of Canadian Made Jan-San products at aggressive Wholesale Pricing, click here

If you would like a Chemical Product (liquid or powder) to be toll manufactured for you, click here

If you would like a product packaged (Contract Packaging or CoPack), click here

If you would like help with Canadian Contract Warehousing, Logistics, and local order fulfillment click here and Contract Warehouse & Logistics Service Pricing Agreement.



Contract Manufacturing is a desirable way to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently if you need more capacity, flexibility, capabilities and technical expertise. If you need help to develop a product formulation, materials selection/procurement, package design, artwork, logistics, etc., we have the capability to make it happen cost-effectively. Chemfil offers flexible chemical tolling service for small to medium-large companies that have their own brand vision but want to outsource the chemical handling and production.

Chemfil offers a highly competent and reliable resource for contract manufacturing. Our experienced Chemists, Engineers, and Chemical Compounders assist and guide you through each step of the process to develop and manufacture the finest quality liquid and dry chemicals. Our laboratory, product development, and production capabilities enable you to obtain a full range of services from a single source.  New chemistries are welcomed and entire new processes have been put in place in less than two weeks.

Pricing can be arranged per pound, liter, gallon, unit, per diem or by contract agreement.

We present a wide range of manufacturing capabilities within our 65,000 ft2 building area and offer a turnkey solution to your manufacturing and packaging needs. Our packaging capabilities include 2 lines with filling capacities from 100 ml to 10 liter, cube container, pail, drum, tote, tank wagon filling capability.



Our experience and highly competitive rates in Canadian logistics eliminate the unexpected costs and frustrations that can inhibit timely delivery of your contract manufactured products.


Electronic Data Interchange

We currently support both EDI X12 and EDIFACT standards. Our transmissions are sent/received through a VAN. The types of transactions currently supported are Orders, Advance Ship Notices (ASN), and Invoices.

Chemfil has more than 50,000 chemical compounds available internally and from global suppliers. Our purchasing power allows us to offer you attractive raw material prices and a stable supply. Our chemical blending and packaging plant has tank wagon access that allows us to obtain best-in-class raw material pricing for your contract manufacturing needs.


Quality Control and Assurance

We take Quality Control and Assurance to the highest level with state of the art analytical laboratories staffed by experienced and dedicated scientists.

Type of work performed:

  • Raw material inspection.
  • In-process sample adjustments.
  • Finished product analysis.
  • Minor product formulation.
  • Statistical Quality Control. (SQC)


  • ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 certified.
  • Document controlled testing protocols, SOP’s and product specifications.
  • ANSI methods for raw material testing.
  • Traceable reference standards for instrument calibration and reagent standardizations.
  • Product and raw material lot retention program.

Testing capability:

  • Wet methods: Acid/Base, potentiometric titrations, physical measurements.
  • Instrumentation: GC, HPLC, FTIR, Surface Tension, Conductivity, Specific Gravity, Particle Size, pH, % Moisture/Solids, Turbidity, Colorimetric, UV-Vis, Flash Point.

Evaluation capability:

  • Documented protocols for raw material and new formula evaluations.
  • Functional testing, including photo testing.
  • Shelf-life / stability testing.