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3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 Tan, 1 in x 36 yd 7.1 mil

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3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 Tan, 1 in x 36 yd 7.1 mil


Protects parts and surfaces during the electroplating process.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces; clean removal
  • Handles temperatures to 121°C (250°F)
  • Vinyl backing with rubber adhesive
  • Sold by the Roll (no need to buy a whole case)


3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 is a vinyl backed tape with a rubber adhesive. It is resistant to most chemicals typically used in electroplating processes. With a conformable, abrasion resistant backing it’s ideal for use with plating chemicals, electroplating nickel, electroless nickel, milling and etching in titanium and peening operations.

Extended Description

Rugged Reliability

We’ve engineered our 3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 to withstand intense and difficult conditions associated with electroplating and anodizing processes. It’s built on a vinyl backing that is non-corrosive and flexible, allowing it to conform to irregular or curved surfaces while remaining resistant to most common solvents as well as offering excellent resistance to chemicals used in electroplating. This tape will hold up while operating at temperatures of up to 170°F/76°C. In addition, the backing accepts marker ink and is printable using a thermal transfer process making customization and marking relatively easy when needed. When you’re finished, the tape removes cleanly without unwanted residue.

Recommended Applications

Masking during electroplating operations, including both flat strip and overlapping masks
Masking during anodizing operations
Wrapping, patching, coated racks and masking irregular surfaces
Milling and etching in titanium
Peening operations
Sealing containers from water intrusion

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