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BactiZyme® Bio-Puck (Urinal Block)

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BactiZyme® Bio-Puck (Urinal Block)


So what does our technology do?

  • Just drop a puck in each urinal. They last about 4+ weeks.
  • Friendly bacteria digest the stuff that causes odours and blockages.
  • The enzymes released by the block reduce limescale and uric acid build up.
  • The block also releases a pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • The system helps to protect the environment by drastically reducing the amount of water used in a washroom environment.
  • There are no installation charges.
  • Designed to fit all urinals.
  • The friendly bacteria are completely safe and natural and are completely environmentally friendly – unlike the chemicals often used in toilets.*1 variables include: flush volumes, flush frequencies and water charges between different water suppliersLess water – less odoursOdour is a problem with waterless urinals with most manufacturers offering a countermeasure, usually in the form of a scented block, stick, pad or automatic air fresheners. In reality, odours are usually caused by trap leaks or general hygiene problems around the urinals rather than the lack of water.The new system can help to overcome these problems. In addition:
    • No plumbing changes are required
    • Consistent fragrance over the life of the Bio-Puck
    • Breakdown of uric acid and scale which cause blockages
    • Help in overcoming the big issue of ODOURS