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Pumps, Nozzles, Material Handling Equipment


BOOT COVER (Disposable)




Day Tanks

The Walchem 30 and 50 gallon molded tanks are one-piece construction made from 1/8” thick white translucent linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). LLDPE is very chemically inert and can hold all but the harshest of chemicals.

In many bulk-storage installations, it is not convenient to locate a metering pump near the chemical supply, so frequently, smaller storage tanks or “day tanks” will be used to keep chemical in a more convenient location, such as closer to the injection point or in a controlled climate.


Chemical level can easily be seen through the tanks and with the molded-in 5 gallon graduations, it is easy to obtain a fast volume estimate. They are tapered by design, enabling nesting for convenient shipping and can be shipped by standard UPS. Covers are constructed out of blue molded polyethylene with recesses and holes for mounting a metering pump, agitator and liquid level switch.



Dilutors and Dispensers

Chemical dispensing systems and industrial solenoid valves, pumps and injectors.

  • Sleek design and enhanced color scheme to present modern appearance
  • Snap-Together valve. Less components/maintenance free selector
  • Build-in check valve.


DilutionAt Hand Extreme Brochure



The Ezi-action® pump has been designed with user safety in mind. They make a workplace safer and more efficient.  Compatible for most chemicals and are food safe.

The Ezi-action® 200/55 Drumpump is perfect for all dispensing jobs from 200 litre or 55 gallon drums in all industries.

  • Ezi-action® 200/55 Drum Pumps have provided safe, effortless dispensing since their conception in 1991.
  • Empties all contents from container.
  • Dispenses 400 ml per stroke.
  • Secures into the drum opening with an Ezi-action® M Adaptor Fitting. Learn more
  • Vertical location of pump in the drum means no bending and no risk of back injury or back ache when dispensing liquid.
  • Heavy 200 litre containers can remain in a safe, upright position.
  • Customers can confidently buy in bulk, reducing overhead costs.
  • Can also be used for pumping from 110 litre or 25 gallon drums.
  • Recognised as the best hand drum pump in the world. Check out our customer testimonials.
  • Versatility of the Ezi-action® 200/55 Drum Pump is enhanced with our expanding range of accessories. This includes the Ezi-action® Safety Measure for safer dilution, container transfer, hazardous chemical dispensing and accurate dispensing.
  • Available worldwide.

For more detailed information on the Ezi-action® 200/55 Drum Pump, click the link below to open our pdf for details.

Information sheet for Ezi-action® 200/55 Drumpump.



FINZ Air Nozzle

High Impact Fan Air and Air Blow Off Nozzle

  • Controlled wide uniform distribution and high impact coverage of compressed air
  • Can be mounted individually or side-by-side for greater coverage
  • Efficient air flow rates with unique eductor feature
  • Safe operation—meets OSHA specifications for noise and deadhead pressure
  • 1/4″ male connection is molded to fit either NPT or BSP
  • Up to 2dB quieter than competing designs
  • Rugged construction of Ryton® or ABS plastic. Ryton® to 300° F (149° C) at 40 psi (3 bar)
  • Maximum operating pressure 100 psi (7 bar)

Air Flow rates: 4 to 41 SCFM at 10 to 90 psi (7 to 65 Nm³/hr at 0.7 to 6 bar


Minimal order $125


Gauge with Guard (Sentinel)

Our SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals protect and isolate all forms of system instrumentation from hazardous and corrosive process fluids… unconditionally guaranteed!

Isolate and Protect Process System Instrumentation

Without proper protection, process fluids regularly contaminate and damage in-line system instrumentation. The strength and durability of SENTINEL diaphragm seals isolate and protect all forms of system instrumentation from the hazards of corrosive process fluids.

  • Protect gauges and other system instrumentation from process fluid contamination and corrosion
  • Accurately transfer process pressure without direct contact with process fluids
  • Prevent erratic surges and clogging due to solids in process fluids
  • Protect gauges from freezing and slurries
  • Ensure accuracy and reliability of pressure instrumentation when working with corrosive or solids-laden fluids
  • Reduce costs by replacing expensive gauges with low-cost utility gauges


Unconditionally Guaranteed

SENTINEL Diaphragm Seal housings are unconditionally guaranteed for life not to fail or we’ll replace them at absolutely no cost to you.

Features & Benefits

Diaphragm Seals, also referred to as ‘gauge guards’, employ a chemically resistant diaphragm to effectively isolate process fluids from gauges and other system instrumentation. The durable diaphragm allows SENTINEL to accurately transfer process fluid without direct contact with hazardous or corrosive process fluids.

Our SENTINEL Diaphragm Seals are easily installed, come in a variety of chemically resistant materials, and work in both pressure and vacuum conditions.

  • Body materials: CPVC, PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, 316L Stainless Steel and Alloy 20
  • Diaphragms: EPDM, PTFE and Viton®
  • Pressure ranges up to 1,000 psi (68.9 bar)
  • Gauge accuracy of +/- 2% or better full deflection
  • All standard models in stock with custom models on request
  • FNPT, Socket Weld and Flange inlet sizes
  • Available with and without gauges

Unconditional lifetime guarantee excludes gauges and other instrumentation. Certain types of customer-provided instrumentation may be factory installed; consult Chemfil for a quote.


Irmco Blend Mixer

Reliable batch mixing system for Lubricants

System piston is driven by water flow.

Multiple model for different ratio ranges



Irmco Gel Elevator

Reliable batch mixing system for Lubricants

One Graco 5:1 ratio Monark pump; CRS drum inductor plate to
prevent cavitation; Single, cantilevered pneumatic cylinder to
raise the pump assembly and inductor out of a drum; One Graco
3/8 npt(f ) ported shutoff valve (Part #: 110-224); One Graco 3/4
npt(f ) ported runaway valve (Part # 224-040); One air
regulator/filter/lubricator; Shipping Crate. For use with IRMCO
GEL 980 series products or Extreme 460 series products.


Pricing for this unit is shown in USD. 30% deposit required. NET DUE ON DELIVERY

Video link is here.

Brochure: IRMCO GEL EXTREME Hardware brochure 2019


Low-cost Brix refractometer; 0 to 32% Brix

Portable refractometer with rubber coated hand grip and construction

Use these economical refractometers to take quick and easy measurements. Refractometers feature adjustable focus and a zero adjustment screw for calibration. Each refractometer is calibrated and adjusted to read at 68°F (20°C). Models with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) are ideal for applications where the temperatures of your sample vary.
Refractometers are made of corrosion-resistant brass and have rubber-insulated grips. Include hard case, calibration screwdriver, and instructions.


Metering Pumps

Iwaki metering pumps are designed for a broad range of applications, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards that exceed even the toughest customer expectations

Iwaki offers a wide range of metering pumps to satisfy a variety of chemical feed requirements.

Iwaki strives to continuously design and manufacture high quality pumps.

The quality and performance of the product has been proven with over 50 years of experience.

Hydraulically-backed diaphragm pumps can withstand tough conditions in process applications; mechanically-driven diaphragm metering pumps are available for general purpose, and electromagnetic metering pumps with excellent controllability and accuracy fit smaller applications.

EZ with certs

Compatibility :
When selecting a pump, Please ensure you select a pump suitable for your needs.  Technical Specification Sheet.
The liquid end parts are identified by the last 2 digits on pump model. Codes ending by “VC” stands for “PVC” and are recommended for most Acids used in pretreatment while “PE” stands for Polyethylene and are recommended for Alkaline Cleaners.

If you pump oxidizers such as Chlorine (Bleach) or Hydrogen Peroxide, please select a pump code ending by   “VCA” where the “A” stands for Auto-Degassing Valve.


MixRite - Driven Injector

MixRite water driven injectors are water powered proportioning pumps that require no electricity and deliver accurate dispensing across varying water pressure and water flow and are ideally suited for in-line injection.

  • MixRites are available in a number of models with injection rates from 0.1% to 10%, different sizes for water flow from .08 gpm (3L per min.) to 110 gpm (415L per min.), and various materials to withstand a multitude of aggressive acids, alkalines and solvents. MixRites have numerous in-line applications including sanitizing, cleaning and lubricating processing equipment, in-line application of vehicle wash chemicals, in-line addition of fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides for agriculture and irrigation, dosing of livestock vitamins into the water supply and in-line addition of machine tool coolants and water-based lubricants for metal processing, plus many more. MixRites also produce superior foam to any other device and are excellent for portable, wall mount or drop station foam generation.
  • 571CW


Oil Separator

EZ Cool Separator for Coolant, Pretreatment and metalworking fluids


C-Thru® Separator Standard Package

  • Unique, Patented technologies to remove contaminants from Metalworking and cleaning fluids.
  • Removes solids and liquids from coolant and pretreatment solutions.
  • 10 times more efficient then belt, disk or rope skimmer
  • Mount to machine via magnets
  • No consumables


Links for this Product:

C-Thru Separator Package 

C-Thru Brochure                                                                                                                      

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  • Works on both Steel and Poly drums
  • Insulated Full wrap design
  • Prevents product waste by safely maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Delver safe, distributed heat to temperature sensitive materials.
  • Available with fixed thermostat BH55RR- (80F, 100F or 120F) or controllable thermostat BH55RRPRO  (up to 145F)
  • Available as a DEF TOTE protector/heater as well: Sizing is 275 G or 330 G (TH275D or TH330D)
  • Efficient and Safe
  • These are made in the USA by Powerblanket® in Salt Lake City. We stock and distribute them in Ontario, Canada. Our sell prices are in Canadian Dollars – Freight and taxes extra.
  • Drum heaters are available to our chemical customers on a lease/loan arrangement for as little as $25/month.
Links for this Product:

Drum and Bucket Heaters


Uni-Spray replacement Nozzle

Uni-Spray Systems offers an extensive line of nozzles

Assemblies are currently available in 3 different generations (Mark I, Mark II and Mark III) to meet the demanding working environments of our global customer base. Uni-Spray molds their own product in-house,  giving us the ability to quickly and efficiently meet tight delivery schedules.

If you do not see the exact product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our  team to discuss manufacturing a part that meets your specific needs.


Products specs are listed like this : Spray Angle Followed by GPM @ 40psi


Minimal order $125


Uni-Spray Riser Support

Uni-Spray Quick Release Riser Support


Quick-Release Riser Support to hold risers while making replacement easy.

Available for piping size : 1.00″, 1.25″, 1.50″ and 2.00″

The size of the Riser Support remain the same, the spring size vary.

riser risers_short riser_standard


Minimal order $125


Walchem pH Electrode

Compatible with Walchem Controllers like WPH-410-xxx

WEL-PHF-NN is a flat surface glass pH electrode which will function well in almost any
application, and will perform especially well if the solution tends to coat an electrode with solids
or oils


Waste Water Treatment Controller

Control pH, ORP, Conductivity and have a Data Logger or even better have all information available live online.

The W600 series provides reliable, flexible and powerful control for your water treatment program.  The W100P series provide an economical and reliable way to keep your water treatment program under control.

We are proposing here 2 controller/pumps options.  We always recommend you contact a Dimachem (Chemfil) representative to ensure we’re supplying the right system for your specific needs.   Call us 519-969-5570


Option #1 Economical WWT System control

Includes :

  • w100 Controller : Model WPHPW100PA-E
    • 2x digital inputs
    • 3x 120 VAC powered relays
    • 1x pH sensor with temperature compensation model WEL-PHF-72 (inline or submersible)
  • EZB16D1-VE
    • Metering pump for 50% Caustic Soda
    • 1.0 GPH (65mL/min) @105psi
  • EZB16D1-TC
    • Metering Pump for 93% Sulphuric Acid
      • 1.0 GPH (65mL/min) @105psi


Option #2 Advanced WWT System control

Includes :

  • w600 Controller : Model WPH600PSNAN-NN
    • 6x digital inputs
    • 6x 120 VAC powered relays
    • 2x 4-20mA output
    • 1x pH sensor with temperature compensation model WEL-PHF-72 (inline or submersible)
    • This unit can have an extra pH probe if required
  • EZB21D1-VE
    • Metering pump for 50% Caustic Soda
    • 1.5 GPH (95mL/min) @60psi
  • EZB21D1-TC
    • Metering Pump for 93% Sulphuric Acid
      • 1.5 GPH (95mL/min) @60psi