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Chemfil’s laboratory is recognized by automotive OEM’s as a reliable data source for a variety of quality control inputs to automotive and metal working markets. Our lab is controlled by our ISO/TS 16949 certification.


3M AQT200 Clean-Trace Water - Total ATP

Real-time ATP water hygiene test which gives an objective indication of cleanliness in CIP water samples in seconds.


3M Low Range Oil Quality Test Strips 1005

The 3M low range fryer oil quality test strips are a great way to measure the shortening breakdown in your fryer.

The 3M low range fryer oil quality test strips are a great way to measure the shortening breakdown in your fryer. Compared to standard test strips, the low range strips deliver accurate FFA (free fatty acid) concentration ratings from 1 to 2.5 percent, providing a more precise reading of early oil degradation. These test strips help save money by preventing premature dumping of fryer oil. Of course, it’s also important not to overuse your fryer oil, as that can result in poor food quality. These strips take the guesswork out of deciding when to change your oil so you can get the most out of your supply while maintaining consistent products. They’re food safe, and they work in operating temperatures of 325 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

To test your fryer oil, use tongs to hold the test strip by the long white end, and dip the test strip into hot oil so all of the blue bands are submerged. Hold the test strip in the oil for 5 seconds, then remove it and wait 30 seconds. Next, hold the strip to the light, compare it to the included evaluation guide, and follow the recommendations. To ensure proper functionality, these low range test strips should not be stored in humid conditions or in an area where they may be exposed to water or oil before use. Always keep test strip bottles tightly closed and store any bottles not in use in a refrigerator or freezer.




3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 Tan, 1 in x 36 yd 7.1 mil

Protects parts and surfaces during the electroplating process.

Protects parts and surfaces during the electroplating process.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces; clean removal
  • Handles temperatures to 121°C (250°F)
  • Vinyl backing with rubber adhesive
  • Sold by the Roll (no need to buy a whole case)


3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 is a vinyl backed tape with a rubber adhesive. It is resistant to most chemicals typically used in electroplating processes. With a conformable, abrasion resistant backing it’s ideal for use with plating chemicals, electroplating nickel, electroless nickel, milling and etching in titanium and peening operations.

Extended Description

Rugged Reliability

We’ve engineered our 3M™ Electroplating Tape 470 to withstand intense and difficult conditions associated with electroplating and anodizing processes. It’s built on a vinyl backing that is non-corrosive and flexible, allowing it to conform to irregular or curved surfaces while remaining resistant to most common solvents as well as offering excellent resistance to chemicals used in electroplating. This tape will hold up while operating at temperatures of up to 170°F/76°C. In addition, the backing accepts marker ink and is printable using a thermal transfer process making customization and marking relatively easy when needed. When you’re finished, the tape removes cleanly without unwanted residue.

Recommended Applications

Masking during electroplating operations, including both flat strip and overlapping masks
Masking during anodizing operations
Wrapping, patching, coated racks and masking irregular surfaces
Milling and etching in titanium
Peening operations
Sealing containers from water intrusion

3M Tape


Accelerated Storage Stability


ACT Test Panel APR 10159

CRS Clean 4 x 6


ACT Test Panel APR 10160

CRS unpolished 4 x 8

Test Panels


ACT Test Panel APR 10161

CRS Unpolished 4 x 12


ACT Test Panel APR 10288

CRS Clean


ACT Test Panel APR 28110

Audit CRS cut only, unpolished 04x12x032


ACT Test Panel APR 29295

E60 EZG 60G 2SD, cut only, unpolish 04x112x030


ACT Test Panel APR 31893

HDG G70 70U cut, unpolished


ACT Test Panel APR 37716

HDG (CF700 & CS59) 4 x 12


ACT Test Panel APR 39403

Zinc/Iron HDG HIA 45A45


Arsenazo III Dye Solution

0.05% (W/V), Aqueous

Lab reagent suitable for all pretreatment lines and general lab testing.
Offset to Reagents catalog # 83029
Please note: This product has a 6 month shelf life.
Our certified test solutions each come with a Certificate of Analysis stating their concentration to 4 decimal places and a Safety Data Sheet.  All of our test solutions are verified weekly, in our ISO/TS16949 laboratory, following proven Quality SOP’s and documentation methods.


B-F Indicators

Microbial contamination detection

  • A simple and economical means of monitoring microbial contamination.
  • Bacteria Slide Test Key detects Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast
  • Two sided sterile agar bacteria and fungus slides – easy to incubate and perform this test.
  • Offset to Powerx Dip Slides NA-149


Beaker 250ml


Buret Auto Complete



Kit Complete with bottle


Chemfil Phoscheck

Phosphate testing solution.

Chemfil Phoscheck is used to test for the presence of an iron phosphate coating.


Chromium Trioxide Anhydrous

Coating weight analysis.


Coating Weight


Conductivity Standard

Available in:

-0.01 mmhos (10 umhos)
-1 mmhos (1,000 umhos)
-10 mmhos (10,000 umhos)


Copper Sulphate Passivation Test Solution

Metal passivation test solution.


Cuver 2 Copper Reagent

Copper test reagent.

For determination of copper by the bicinchoninate method, in the presence of high levels of aluminum, calcium, and iron.


Dropper Bottle

Dispenser bottle with cap.


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