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EZ GUARD™ 7330

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EZ GUARD™ 7330

$245.89 — $1,000.00


  • EZ GUARD 7330 is a nonionic, broad-spectrum, water-soluble microbicide for use in industrial and commercial recirculating cooling systems, air washers and pasteurizer systems.
  • This isothiazolin-based biocide maintains control of microorganisms at concentrations of as low as 1 ppm (active) resulting in cost effective application and reduced dosing cost.



  • EZ GUARD 7330 is persistent in the water systems, effective at low concentrations, compatible with other inhibitors and effective over a broad pH range.
  • EZ GUARD 7330 is effective over a broad pH range and remains persistent in the water system providing microbiological control over an extended period.
  • When diluted below use concentrations, EZ GUARD 7330 is readily biodegradable and is easily deactivated when necessary.

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