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EZ GUARD™ 8585

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EZ GUARD™ 8585

$248.59 — $1,340.57


  • EZ GUARD™ 8585 is a citric acid based blended cleaner at neutral pH.
  • EZ GUARD™ 8585 can be used for many different applications including as a steel and copper corrosion inhibitor, foam suppressant and a dispersant-penetrant.
  • EZ GUARD™ 8585 is mainly used in closed loop applications in removing scale, deposits, and various forms of iron oxides.



  • EZ GUARD™ 8585 is effective in removing scale deposits in both open and closed loop systems.
  • As an acidic solution, the chelant properties also help with the removal of significant iron oxide deposits.
  • EZ GUARD™ 8585 is a neutral solution so it can be disposed of to waste as is.


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