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EZ GUARD™ 8588

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EZ GUARD™ 8588

$248.59 — $1,340.57


  • EZ GUARD™ 8588 is a neutral pH cleaning degreaser, formulated to remove oil, grease, and particulates in new or retrofit installations prior to operation.
  • EZ GUARD™ 8588 is designed for use in chilled and hot water loop installations where rapid circulation will ensure good contact and provide scouring action.
  • Heating up EZ GUARD™ 8588 in solution while circulating will enhance degreasing performance if needed.



  • EZ GUARD™ 8588 is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and is safe for all metallurgies at use concentrations.
  • EZ GUARD™ 8588 is a neutral solution so it can be disposed of to waste as is.


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