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EZ GUARD™ 9213

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EZ GUARD™ 9213

$226.59 — $1,524.68


  • EZ GUARD™ 9213 is a concentrated all-in-one blend of sulfite, metal passivation and neutral amine controlling agents for steam boilers.
  • These controlling agents are able to maintain adequate boiler water quality for all types of applications.
  • EZ GUARD™ 9213 is supplied as a concentrated liquid for ease of feed and control.
  • It is recommended for use in systems with up to 600 psi pressure and a low to moderate hardness levels in the feedwater.



  • EZ GUARD™ 9213 incorporates advanced metal passivation and neutral amine technology which provide corrosion protection.
  • This type of chemical treatment will benefit the use of the boiler as solid deposition and blowdown will be reduced, thus maintaining consistent operation of the system.
  • EZ GUARD™ 9213 is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic product and will meet environmental discharge standards.


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