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EZ TREAT™ Bentonite Clay

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EZ TREAT™ Bentonite Clay


Natural clay mineral bentonite for water and wastewater treatment. EZ TREAT™ BENTONITE CLAY is highly capable of absorbing many kinds of pollutants including organic and inorganic compounds and heavy metals in waters (Guimaraes et al. ,2009). Bentonite is a natural material that contains essential compounds such as aluminum, iron and clay materials which are useful for the economical treatment of wastewater.
The comparative suitability of raw bentonite vs other formulated coagulants should be discussed with your Chemfil representative who can assist you in making the best decision for the removal efficiency of pollutants including COD, metals, oil and grease, turbidity, as well as sludge volume index under the optimum conditions of each coagulant.
Note: Bentonite Clay is a powder may cause eye and respiratory irritation. Please read and follow all safety instructions.
Lead time on this product is 3 weeks.

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