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Irmco Gel Elevator

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Irmco Gel Elevator

A system for delivering Irmco Gel to Mandrell on Tube bending machines


One Graco 5:1 ratio Monark pump; CRS drum inductor plate to
prevent cavitation; Single, cantilevered pneumatic cylinder to
raise the pump assembly and inductor out of a drum; One Graco
3/8 npt(f ) ported shutoff valve (Part #: 110-224); One Graco 3/4
npt(f ) ported runaway valve (Part # 224-040); One air
regulator/filter/lubricator; Shipping Crate. For use with IRMCO
GEL 980 series products or Extreme 460 series products.


Pricing for this unit is shown in USD. 30% deposit required. NET DUE ON DELIVERY

Video link is here.

Brochure: IRMCO GEL EXTREME Hardware brochure 2019

High Viscosity Series: